Eclipse january 16 astrology

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

Give yourself lots of breathing room to process. Most importantly, surround yourself with high vibe people and trust the eclipses to do their cosmic magic. This is key because you are only getting half the story when you read for your sun sign.

January’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Is a Can’t-Miss Lunar Eclipse

Solar — Re-envision home and a way that you can be more supportive — perhaps even working from home this year. This can mean a move to a different community or more natural setting. Lunar —Release old ambitions that are no longer in alignment with you. Open up to the path that is organically forming right now. Solar —You will likely be writing more this year and delegating out other things.

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This year will hold great promise for networking and aligning with the key players in your industry. Lunar — It appears you are graduating and are now ready to rise to reach larger audiences through broadcasting, publishing or teaching. Solar — Take ownership of the skills you have been garnering for so long. Lunar — You will need to release old subconscious beliefs about money, about who you are and what is possible.

Current & Upcoming Eclipses

Solar — the Solar Eclipse in Cancer means it is your year for total rebirth. In order to do this, you will need to see your doubts and fears head on and choose to rise above and thrive. Lunar — Let go of relationships or relationship patterns that kept you playing small. As you break out of your shell, there will be a ripple through your closest relationship.

Allow change. Solar — You will feel a calling for a more spiritually focused life this year - a life with greater meaning, time in nature, and an overall sense of health. Claim it. Lunar — Your health will come into a sharper focus this year as it this Lunar Eclipse of July 16 will be the time to quit a habit and never go back. The angle to Saturn and Pluto bring finality.

Astrology Jan 16 - Jan 21 2019 - Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Solar — You are opening up to a larger community this year — one that will expand your reach and your connection to the world. Align yourself with those who hold your values. Lunar — A love relationship will come to a point where you will both realize it is time to go to the next level or else- time to move on.

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Solar — Professionally, you will have the unique opportunity to pivot your position and step into a role that gives you a greater sense of freedom and peace of mind. Solar — Your world will evolve this year when you open up to a whole new field of learning.

Stuck in the mud. Try to have some fun but good for intense work. Total Lunar Full Moon.

Horoscopes for the January 12222 New Moon in Capricorn

Boss of the wash. Domination and control. Unconscious striking out. Overly emotional. Try to stay calm and take a deep breath. Relationships, Moon, Fatherhood, Motherhood, children, home life being affected. Poor structure. Mental facilities eg. Memory suffer.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th, .. See my January 21st horoscopes for how this Lunar Eclipse in Leo affects each sign. A Lunar. Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: January 5, , Astrological Chart planets and points at approximately 6 to 16 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra.

Emotions have real physical effects, careful of illness. You will see gifts us five eclipses — three Earth, one Fire and one Water sign. It forces us to wake up, go down a path and take action at some point. An eclipse shakes us turbulently to the core in order to effect change. Earthquakes and detrimental weather sometimes occur around eclipses. Cancerians will feel lunar eclipses intensely as they are ruled by the Moon whereas Leos will feel solar eclipses intensely because they are ruled by the Sun.

Eclipse Season July 12222 and What it Means for You

If your birthday occurs on an eclipse or if an eclipse occurs in your sign, you are also likely to feel it more intensely. Capricorn embodies these qualities at a physical level. Logic and analytical thinking may be compromised and confused when Capricorn would just rather get on and get the job done. Leo is about being dominant and in control.

There could be a precursor physical event in early January which is then more powerfully felt later. Likewise with all eclipses, the solar is more about action whilst the lunar is more about integration of experience. Water sign eclipses such as the eclipse 2nd July in Cancer are more likely to be about the rise and expression of repressed emotions and subconscious contents, although as a solar eclipse, there might be some action as well.

This can make a mess of home and family life if one is not careful about the actions they take. Father, Mother, children, siblings could all be involved in family arguments at this time.

Partners could be playing the role of father or mother and both could be similarly affected. Harsh, but true. The Sun will move into Aquarius on the 19 th , shifting our consciousness to be more independent and inventive in our thinking. Words carry more weight when the communication planet Mercury catches up to transformational Pluto on the 24 th.

Honesty is the best policy, because truths will be surfacing. A restlessness can settle in around the 26 th when the planet of action, Mars, moves into Sagittarius. Our energy gets a boost, and travel, sports and higher education all get he nod. On the 31 st , Mercury moves into Aquarius to join the Lunar Eclipse. Breakthroughs and inventiveness are easy to grasp when we look to the quiet inside ourselves.

Utilize meditation and visualization for this insight.