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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Rock-climbing, meditating, pet choosing, dental checkups and a gourmet brunch are all fitted into a single morning with ease. As a creative couple they also come up with fantastic party ideas — Expect murder mystery nights and fondue evenings with Swiss yodeling. Turbulence is often the glue in this relationship — if everything is too smooth and easy, Pisces gets bored and starts looking elsewhere.

Both are mutable signs , meaning they love spontaneity and change minds a dozen times a minute. Often this results in nothing actually being achieved, leading to meltdowns and blame. They need to make to-do lists and stick to them in order to make any relationship progress. Spending time away from each other and utilizing honest friends as sounding boards are required to keep the relationship healthy and wise.

Are Pisces and Pisces soulmates?

Pisces is naturally sneaky and afraid of what other people think. They also usually get sick — throat, sinuses and kidneys are all likely to rebel against the stress of falling in love. Its intense and Earth shattering! Pisces seeks a spiritual connection — a moment when pleasure transports them to a celestial domain, which is definitely on the cards with a fellow Fish.

They are often playful, musical and into romantic scents such as Jasmine and Sandalwood. Where you click: Poetic and passionate, the depths of intimacy can be reached in a Pisces and Pisces relationship. The unspoken connection you two psychic soulmates share can be deeply healing or deeply destructive.

Pisces and Pisces Table of Contents

Save some money for hiring help. Indeed it may take a village to keep your relationship thriving.

Good thing Fish like to swim in schools! Into the depths you go! Pisces and Pisces are two highly sensitive and perceptive water signs can get VERY comfortable with each other—and fast. Home is everything to the water sign. Your solitude-seeking souls need to retreat to a private and intimate hub after being out in the wider world.

You could host the holidays, rent the beach house where everyone communes, have kids crawling out of every nook.

Pisces & Pisces Love Compatibility

A water sign home is likely to feature cozily-appointed guest bedrooms and lots of spare pillows and blankets. Your nostalgic signs both cherish family and tradition. If you wrap yourselves too tightly in this security blanket, it can smother you. A water sign relationship can devolve into a parent-child dynamic complete with baby talk and cloyingly cutesy nicknames and self-destructive indulgence in food, drink and self-soothing activities like shopping.

Your powerful moods may overlap or spiral out of control if not managed.

Are PISCES & PISCES Compatible?

At first glance, two Pisces representatives might become a perfect couple, but when we scratch beneath the surface, we might see that they have real trouble. Pisces and Pisces compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Pisces and Pisces zodiac signs.

Although water can be placid and beautiful, it can actually do great damage. They would rather keep things to themselves and omit others from their personal problems and issues. Pisces rarely asks for help from others. It is not like they are arrogant; they simply do not like to put others in the same boat they are in.

Finally, you will learn in your Daily Pisces Horoscopes that Pisces being gullible and weak-willed can pose a threat to the relationship. They can be indecisive and compulsive, and on major decisions can be led astray by the opinions of others instead of trusting how they think and feel about the issue. Pisces can be abused and influenced so blindly.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Dreams Can Come True

They rarely have a strong position, and having two Pisces around can bring confusion and uncertainty when it comes to major decisions and matters in the relationship. Don'ts with a Pisces and Pisces Relationship.

Who is Pisces compatible with?

Pisces and Taurus: Why they are compatible: Pisces and Taurus could make a really good love match , although the one thing that could bring them down is the elusiveness of Pisces. People born between February 19 and March 20 fall under the sign symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces daily horoscope Pisces weekly horoscope Pisces monthly horoscope Pisces horoscope. Pisces and Taurus. But most time you will scare of having to burst this bubbles while forming a physical relationship. Thus, you have a double portion of this two planets. A touch and go relationship Something between these two signs is possible because their characters mesh together very well.

Although Pisces has a deep admiration for their fellow Pisces, their relationship is neither perfect nor faultless. They can be laid back and emotionally clingy. It is important that Pisces do not linger much on these aspects and instead create more positivity in each other. Pisces are gentle lovers, calm, and tolerant, but their mood swings can overpower them. They can be sensitive about everything, even regarding the little things that they should actually just ignore.

Pisces also has this tendency to mimic what their partner wants them to be. They can portray a perfect lover, one who completely understands and supports their partner, but the truth is they may secretly oppose them; which can make things worse in the end. It is important that both parties must stay true to each other's feelings. They must learn to share and partake in one another's flaws and positivity.

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Secrecy will never work. They should not disregard the fact that they need to feel connected despite their differences and blemishes. What The Relationship Needs.

Pisces and Pisces in a relationship can be an exciting combination. Both are compassionate, honest, as well as emotionally and spiritually bonded.

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Both share both a love for peace as well as an unparalleled commitment for peace. Though this love match may not be the most perfect and ideal partnership, their sincerity to the commitment is enough to make it succeed. This relationship needs respect and spontaneity. Both are easy going, flexible, and amiable. They must not fail to see their adversities in life and pass through it. They have a fun and exciting kind of relationship.