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With Jupiter in Leo, it will initially be in Magha nakshatra. Magha is symbolized by the royal throne room and its deity is the Pitris or ancestors. Thus, Magha is associated with lineages, family legacies, and patronage. This lends to the theme of spirituality associated with Jupiter in Leo. This can also be powerful for spiritual initiation and mantra repetition.

Jupiter in Leo | Learn Astrology Guide To Your Natal Chart

Individuals with natal placements in Magha should take advantage of this time. Jupiter is associated with the color yellow, fruit bearing trees, sattvic foods, ghee, honey, dates, berries, squash, pumpkin, cream, sugar canes, garbanzo beans chick peas , and chana dahl split yellow garbanzo lentils. You can make offerings to your spiritual teacher with these items or offer dakshina, especially on Thursdays.

Jupiter in Leo is widely discussed in muhurta , the branch of Jyotish utilized to select auspicious timings for events. It is known in Western astrology as electional astrology. My Jyotish teacher taught us to avoid inaugural activities while Jupiter is in Leo, especially when it is also in Leo in the navamsha chart a companion chart to the main chart. This is less so while Jupiter is in Magha, versus the other two nakshatras in Leo. Sidereal Sun in Aries nullifies all concerns about Jupiter in Leo.

I asked Shri Vivek about what spiritual practices or rituals could be performed by individuals while Jupiter occupies Leo for 13 months. He suggested that people worship the Sun and pray to the Sun Surya. With Jupiter in Leo, people should worship their Guru.

Saturn In Leo

They can give chana dahl in charity. Saturn in Leo. Work, health, wellness and your usual routine and rituals are getting a once over from structured Saturn. They are more reserved and disciplined in their endeavors. Uranus in Leo: Uranus is genius and eccentricity. Mars' Ingress and Retrograde Astrological Information - Saturn is the next planetary archetype to discuss, and because it is an especially complex archetype I will describe it in more detail.

We all strive for security and knowing the place of things in our lives. Often denied admiration and praise. If Leo is your Saturn sign, you would mostly be restricted due to your risk-taking tendencies.

So you will notice that it goes back into the sign before it, go direct again and pass through that same sign again. So the career flow stops with the Sun dignified in its own sign. Saturn vargottam gives strong success in politics. Saturn transit over your 4th house from November was very painful and it leads you to many not so good situation. Venus Mars Jupiter all in Gemini. With this placement, it is common for individuals to have ups and downs in income. An inner dignity of self requires him to cultivate permanent insights from every passing detail of experience.

General Astrology

According to my findings in Astrology most of the horoscope which has a confluence of Saturn and Rahu or Confuction of Rahu and Saturn the person who has this. The symbol for Saturn is a little like an h. Sun in Leo - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Leo season is upon us! After focusing on the home, health, and heart, we can now venture out into the world and show off our grandeur. The placement of Saturn in the chart shows us the areas where we have work to do in this life, where we will be challenged and where we need to grow as a person.

North Node Rahu is what we are aiming for in this life time - and Ketu South Node is what we've done in the past, and need to move away from. Long distance travels appeal to you and travel is a staple for you much like food. Saturn in the natal chart represents urge for stability, self-reliance, the structures in one's life, one's attitude toward self-discipline and how one concentrates and focuses their energy.

The Sun changes signs, entering forward thinking Sagittarius on November 22 for a month long stay. Saturn in Leo Sun is the ruling planet of Leo and it shares an inimical relationship with Saturn. The father may have been a strong and proud parent, focusing on goals that the native learns are the cornerstone to success.

Natural Leaders

The Part of Fortune is a very foretelling marker within your personal astrological chart. Saturn in Leo Saturn in Leo is in its detriment because it is one of the two rulers of the opposite sign, Aquarius. Although you have talents as a performer or presenter, Saturn's influence in dramatic Leo can make you slow to find the stage—or hard on yourself once you do.

Leo: Although Saturn is in its detriment here, Saturn in Leo can produce powerful leaders.

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Saturn has been transiting through Scorpio since November 3 rd. Leos are known for their larger-than-life personas. They can see both sides of an issue and determine the just outcome. With the fourth house beginning in the sign of Leo, we see a line of proud and brave ancestors that led to the birth of this individual. This interconnection between the angular 7th and the trinal 5th houses is most auspicious!.

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Saturn in Leo when well-aspected gives favor from people higher in the social scale and success in obtaining public appointments where the Saturnine virtues, tact, diplomacy, discretion and system, honor and executive ability are required. The Saturn in Leo people are good leaders who have the right level of control and discipline to get the work done. Saturn represents the principle of limit, structure, and necessity.

The native might live overseas, but he'll be of nature. Of course, the Lion must have an audience. You don't want to play second fiddle to anyone; simply stated, you want to be the boss. Lilith in Virgo. The planets today shows you where the planets are now as a live display - a free online orrery. The Simha lagna Leo Rising would be forced to borrow or seek loans to meet the rising expenses or to clear the older debts. Yet it is so hard for you to express the creative talent that you know you have inside you. The Leo instincts make you boss around your peers and subordinates in the work place.

When DM Lilith is in a fire sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or fire sign ruled house 1st, 5th, 9th , you can be a constant worrier with an ongoing defeatist or pessimistic attitude. Because Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign, the meanings do not have a distinct personal meaning except through distinguishing groups of people from groups of people born in other Uranus signs. Their personal austerity hardens the walls of their ego, impelling them to isolate themselves in lonely splendor.

Great Illuminators

What is Vedic Astrology? These degrees stay active till another retrograde cycle occurs, then a new sensitive point is created. They have a deep desire to set a positive role model of themselves in the society for others to learn and follow. The positioning of philosophical sign Sagittarius sign of Jupiter in the 5th house from Leo adds the touch of philosophy to their intelligence. He is the astrologer among the entire team who specializes on the most popular Life Prediction reports and Future-O-Scope reports for our customers. The stations of both Jupiter and Rahu were about the same degrees that they were at the time of the lottery win.

Saturn in Leo gives you a serious personal need to achieve recognition. Libra rising , Pluto in first house conjunction ascendant , true node in first house. Shani is not comfortable in Leo. Saturn Signs Saturn in the Birth Chart. Be prepared for angry, brash reactions and cold, harsh admonishments. Because the sun guides ideology, a non-Scorpio with their sun in the 8th house may have different principles than Scorpio, but their essence, their predelictions, their compulsions might be the same.

Saturn, commonly known as 'Shani' is the slowest moving planet in space, but has strong effects on kundalis. Saturn feels stifled in Leo, Cancer, Aries and in Scorpio. The most exacting aspect. Chances are most of you had Apollonian fathers, that is. The placement of planet Saturn in Leo zodiac would bring much of the negative reflection from this combination upon the natives on account of Saturn being the natural enemy of ruling Sun of Leo arena.

Saturn Rahu conjunction in 5th house or with 5th house lord gives trouble in having children, either all female progeny or no progeny at all. This is similar to the first Fire sign Aries which is also about self expression in its earliest sense. Moon conjunct Saturn Aquarius in the 2nd House square Sun Taurus last seconds of 4rth house conjunct Mercury first seconds of 5th house and opposition to Mars in Leo 1st trine of the 8th House Mars squares Sun and mercury accordingly. Saturn wants to play down any display, while Leo represents where your pride must express itself.

Jupiter in Leo

The Saturn in Leo woman. In many ways, it indicates that the native of the chart must be more honest with himself since there was an avoidance of true self-awareness and self honesty. Hence, Jupiter in Leo will bless these natives with great positions in their lives. In fact, as discussed earlier, they are naturally suitable to handle authoritative positions as they have the capability to naturally win the hearts of their community.

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People with their Jupiter in Leo have high chances to become wealthy in life. The Astrological reason for that is the positioning of Jupiter, the significator of wealth, in the 5th sign Leo, which is one of the wealth-generating houses in Astrology. To add strength to it, Jupiter is also the ruler of natural 9th house with Sagittarius zodiac sign. The 9th house signifies luck, fortune, and also belongs to the wealth-generating house group, which is governed by the lord of wealth Jupiter.

Hence, the combination of the energies of Sagittarius and Leo supports the native in becoming rich and prosperous in life. Deeper results of this planetary placement depend on the placement and dignity of Sun in the birth chart. The positioning of Sun in own sign Leo with Jupiter will amplify the above-mentioned results. Read more about Jupiter and Sun in Astrology. Your email address will not be published.

Jupiter in the highly spiritual sign Pisces creates a very pure and kind person.